Easy Hatch Chile Queso

Zia Hatch Chile Queso



16 oz Velveeta cheese

1 jar Zia Hatch Chile (drained)

1 16 oz pkg fresh Pico de Gallo Chorizo (optional)

Milk (optional)




1. This recipe can be made in the microwave, stovetop or slow cooker.

2. Reserve a small amount of Zia Hatch Chile and pico de gallo for garnish and put all ingredients in cooking dish.

3. Cook on low or medium low stirring frequently until the cheese is completely melted. Do not cook on high, the cheese will separate.

4. Serve immediately with heated flour tortillas or chips.

Optional: Add a cup of pre-cooked fresh chorizo for added flavor

Optional: Add milk for creamier texture


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Richard Murphy

After 30 years in Albuquerque I find myself in New England. Couldn’t find “Real Chile” till I found you guys. Almost afraid of opening my first jar of Hot Zia, hope it’s years of joy.

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