Hatch Green Chile Elote (Street Corn)

Zia Hatch Green Chile Elote (Street Corn) 



- 6 ears of corn, washed and shucked

- Hatch Green Chile Mayonnaise (ingredients below)

- 1/2 cup grated cotija cheese (or other white crumbly cheese such as feta or queso blanco)

- Salt

- Red Chile Powder

- Lime wedges


Hatch Green Chile Mayonnaise Ingredients: 

- 1 cup Mayonnaise 

- 1/2 jar Zia Hatch Green Chile 

- 1 tsp minced garlic

- Lime juice of 1 squeezed lime wedge




1. Process / blend together Mayo, Zia Hatch Green Chile, Garlic and Lime Juice to make Hatch Green Chile Mayonnaise

2. Pre-heat grill or stovetop to medium high heat. Grill corn until evenly charred on all sides, turning often. Sprinkle some salt on each ear towards the end. 

3. Remove from heat and brush each ear of corn with a layer of Hatch Green Chile Mayonnaise. 

4. Sprinkle cotija cheese and red chile powder on each ear. Serve warm with lime wedges to squeeze. 


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