Hatch Red Chile and Raspberry Glazed Christmas Ham

Zia Hatch Red Chile and Raspberry Glazed Christmas Ham

Hatch Red Chile and Raspberries make the perfect combination of sweet, tart and smokey for your Holiday Dinners. The uses for leftovers are endless, too! 



- 5-6LB Spiral Ham

- 1/2 Jar of Zia Hatch Red Chile

- 18oz Fresh Raspberries

- 1/2 cup of sugar

- 4 Garlic Cloves, chopped

- Cloves (optional)

- Hatch Red Chile Powder (optional)


Hatch Red Chile and Raspberry Glazed Christmas Ham



1. Place ham onto a wire rack over a pan to catch drippings while cooking. You want to avoid the ham sitting in its own moisture which will prevent browning.

2. Heat oven to 325 degrees. Once temp is reached, place ham in oven. This is where you can add cloves to your ham or any other preferential ingredients.

3. While the ham is in the oven begin to make Hatch Red Chile and Raspberry Glaze.

4. In a high saucepan place raspberries into a pan on medium low heat. Add a small amount of water and let this mixture break down. After about 5 minutes use a wooden spoon to break the raspberries down into a mush. Pour in sugar and strained Zia Hatch Red Chile. 

5. Add in chopped garlic and any other additional spice you would like (Hatch Red Chile powder, etc). Let the mixture continue on low heat throughout the hams cooking time. If your mixture begins to get too dry or too hot feel free to add splashes of water to keep it at an appropriate consistency.

6. Once your glaze has thickened, remove the ham and brush the glaze over to create a smooth coating. Place back into the oven. The ham will need 15-20 minutes per pound (a total of 2 hours is recommended for 5-6lb ham). Remember that your ham is pre-cooked. The oven’s purpose is to bring the ham to a serving temperature and achieve a crunchy golden crust.

7. Remove the ham about 1.5 hours into its cooking time to reglaze once more. Return to the oven for final 30 minutes. 

8. Once the ham has reached an internal temperature of 135 degrees or is hot to the touch and has developed a crunchy crust, your ham is ready to be removed. Remove, brush one final time with the glaze and allow the ham to sit at room temperature until it's cool enough to be carved.

9. Carve ham and serve with remaining Hatch Red Chile and Raspberry glaze for dipping.


Hatch Red Chile and Raspberry Glazed Christmas Ham


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