Hatch Red Chile Michelada

Zia Hatch Red Chile Michelada



- 1 Budweiser (or your preferred beer choice)

- 2tbsp Zia Hatch Red Chile

- Tomato or Clamato Juice

- 1 half limes worth of lime juice

- 1 splash Worcestershire sauce (optional)

- 1 splash soy sauce (optional)

- Salt

- Tajin seasoning or any red chile powder for salt rim (optional)



- Fill a glass 1/4 full with Clamato / Tomato Juice

- Add Zia Hatch Red Chile, lime juice, and sauces and blend / process all together until smooth

- Place about 1 tbsp of salt and seasoning / Chile powder on a plate

- Rub slice of lime around rim of glass and press rim into salt mixture

- Fill salt rimmed glass with blended mixture, fill the rest with beer and stir until well mixed


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